Kizombalux 2017

Bringing you once again the best international Kizomba teachers, dancers and DJ's.

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About KZL

KZL, which stands for KIZOMBA LUXEMBOURG, organization founded in the beautiful Luxembourg, is proud to announce the 4th edition of the Luxembourg International Kizomba Festival 2016, we will bring you the best international Kizomba teachers, dancers and DJ's.
Why Luxembourg? Luxembourg is located in the heart of Europe, is a beautiful country and the population consists of 30% of Portuguese speaking inhabitants (Cape Verdean, Angolan, Portuguese...).
Furthermore, we are in a strategic geographic position considering the fact that we border to Germany, France and Belgium. Holland is only 3 hours away ... in other words Luxembourg can easily be reached from everywhere in the world.
Also worth to mention, Luxembourg has an exciting history and many monuments that can be visited.
We are really excited and can't wait to welcome you to our ≪FOURTH EDITION OF THE LUXEMBOURG INTERNATIONAL KIZOMBA FESTIVAL 2017≫

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